Coming in 2018 -Operation Safe Way

Operation Safe Way is our upcoming mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo, rape capitol of the world. According to the American Journal of Public Health, 12% of women in DRC have been raped at least once, and 1,152 women are raped everyday. Women who suffer this fate are often abandoned by their husbands and ostricized by the community. It has been documented that the victims are sometimes as young a 12 months old. The perpetrators of these evil acts are rarely prosecuted. Our objective is to provide security and self -defense training to women and girls so that they can teach others.

"Security through strength, empowerment through education. "



Make A Contribution

Your donations help us to provide security training free of charge to people who cannot afford it.
Lobbying and protesting from the comfort and safety of the internet is not going to stop or bring terrorists and criminals who use extreme violence to achieve their objectives to justice. For you, we will go into harm's way.

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